9 in 1! Familiar with the JR a floating and over, mouth: he is to lose points!

NBA regular season to continue, the Cavaliers lost 101-106 away to the Pistons. Knight guard JR-Smith came back in the game, but he played only 3 of 19 shots in 19 minutes, took 3 points, 1 rebounds and 1 foul, the value of the value of -28 for the audience the worst!
In December 21 last year against the Bucks game, Smith’s right hand thumb fracture, after which he received a repair surgery and has been truce so far. In fact, on March 4 against the eagle when Smith wanted to come back, but the knight for the sake of prudence and let him rest for a few days.

As the Corvor left foot pain in the absence of the game, so Smith finally in the game back. “I’m going back,” Smith said in a video. “I’m going to play with the Pistons today. It’s a long recovery period, my wife, my parents have been helping me, doing everything they can, The fans are very patient and now everything is sober, my daughter is also very good, I finally can play basketball.

Yes, no matter what, Smith’s comeback is good news for the knights, they also hope that Smith can replace Korver. In the second quarter 2 minutes and 24 seconds left, Smith in the left corner of the corner of James pass, hit a mind drift three points. In the hit this note after three minutes, Smith from the bottom line retreated to the bench, which is typical of JR three-point, non-difficult not to enter For Knight fans, this is a familiar taste.

But today’s Smith, who is not familiar with Smith, has not been able to replace Korver, or that his taste has gone. In the first half of the game, Smith played 10 minutes, 5 shots in only 3 points, the presence of the value of -15 (the worst team), a foul, the other data are zero. So that the second half when the knight coach Taylor – Lu once again sent Smith, the famous basketball commentator Ma Jian said: “JR this is to lose points.

Smith is a confident player, and for the knight ‘s predicament, he said, “It will be hard, but it’ s harder to finish 1-3 in the finals.

Ok, in the second half of the game, Smith will be completed reversal? the answer is negative. In the second half of the 9 minutes played, Smith 4 vote 0 did not score, only grabbed a rebound. The Knight lost the important reason today, that is, the bench is not to force, only Frye has a good performance, Smith, Deron – Williams and Derek – Williams’s presence efficiency values ​​are lower than -10.

Only hope that Smith can get back as soon as possible, because in the rest of the regular season and the playoffs, the Cavaliers really need the role of players to make more contributions.

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