Cleveland Cavaliers Three-game losing streak only because of the east too water? Compared to the warriors they fear the spurs!

In this league, there are a lot of teams, many combinations are beautiful on paper, but when the real fight, you will find that between the ideal and reality, there is indeed a certain gap. This season, knights and warriors are the top teams of the league, but now their performance does not seem to meet people’s expectations, today’s “NBA circles”, we still start from the two teams began.
The eastern overlord Cleveland Cavaliers actually encountered a three-game losing streak, this situation you dare you think? The past three games, the Cavaliers lost to the Heat twice, and today was the Pistons beat, is this team has not been out of the haze of Bogut injured.
Cleveland Cavaliers lose, if only from the data point of view, you can not blame LeBron – James or Owen, this game, James, although one-third of 6 vote 0, but won three pairs, and Owen audience also 27 points recorded. Sanxian old man is not like Sanxian old man look, because his audience contributed seven dunk, which also tied his career record.
James audience sent seven dunks, this picture, you seem to only in the All-Star game to see. See the old Zhan so full of vitality, good brother Wade also issued a message, “James tonight almost 9 times dunks, right?
LeBron – James and Wade have not participated in the slam dunk contest, which makes a lot of fans feel sorry, today, “SLAM” magazine updated social media, drying out a young Wade youth pictures, over the years, Wade’s biggest change may be that cheeks are getting bigger and bigger.
Of course, the knights lose, one of the very important reason is that the eastern solitary defeated, they played really is boring. Before the start of the game, there are fans wearing a knight star LeBron – James jersey, holding a piece of “old Zhan, I am 16 years old” slogan, it is conspicuous, she hopes James can give him a signature. The old Zhan also speak, not only to meet the requirements of the female fans, and she took pictures, and the female fans are very moved, and even fell tears.

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