Spurs wins the Warriors are still embarrassing situation Ade injury disrupts Popovich layout

Champion, there should be a strong heart. But now, it belongs to the Spurs power forward Aldridge?

From the psychological point of view, this is simply not a problem. Because this season, Aldridge has been sufficient performance to prove his ambition. Averaging 17.3 points and 7.4 rebounds, his data in the league may not be anything, can be in the “egalitarian” prevalence of the Spurs, this is an incredible performance. On the offensive end, this figure means that he is the team second only to Kawai Leonard’s No. 2 figure, the team indispensable one of the important pillars of success.

However, if from a biological point of view, this is another matter.

Heart inside the “wrong line”

Spurs wins the Warriors are still embarrassing situation Arde injury disturbed wave handsome layout

Ade because of heart problems indefinitely truce

With the warriors in the western top of the dispute before appearing in front of the media, Popovich sinking like water. Although he has always been like this, but the presence of all people can be aware of his look, today there will not be the so-called “cold humor” appeared. He came here, is to announce a very serious thing:

Aldridge will be an indefinite truce because of arrhythmia.

Previously, there have been relevant winds coming out. Long-term follow-up reports of the team’s local journalists, but also from their channels more or less understand some things. So, when Popovich officially announced this regrettable news, the reporters have started asking.

Of course, because of the medical problems involved, so the reporter’s question can not help but lengthy. No matter how long the question says, Popovich’s answer is always only one word: no. Oh, maybe that’s not true. Because after finishing “no”, he also said the other two words: Thank you.

Spurs wins the Warriors are still embarrassing situation Arde injury disturbed wave handsome layout

Ade’s injury, so Popovich is very anxious

With the shortest words, to respond to the longest question, has always been the style of Popovich. Sometimes, this is a joke with the questioner, but this time different. All the people present, the interpretation of this are, “even see the wind and waves of Popovich, but also on the progress of Aldridge’s disease can not be estimated.” He really did not know, Aldridge what Time to lift the doctor’s ban, once again returned to the court above. Father is so anxious.

In the illustrative manuscripts issued by the team’s public relations, you can see the cause of the Ardridic truce – WPW syndrome. And this is also the source of Popovich’s anxiety.

What is WPW syndrome? Make a simple analogy

The heart is like a generator. It will pass two fixed wires (heart) to the two substations (atrium), so that they thump thump rhythm of the work, so the energy transmission to the body of various places (organs). Suddenly, there was another channel between the generator and the substation. The current is no longer in accordance with the original trajectory of the power distribution, but with another “near”.

So one, the world chaos.

Two substations were bad rules, no rhythmic movement, but suddenly flickering, high and low to the various places to send electricity. This leads to the lack of energy in some parts of the body. Lack of energy, this place began to trouble strike. Then, the whole body is followed by chaos.

Basically, this is the case of WPW syndrome. In other words, Aldridge’s heart, a “wire” took the wrong place, led to his body appeared intermittent short circuit situation. This is not happening every day, but once it happens, it will have a serious impact on Aldridge. Slightly, it may be dizzy, shortness of breath. While serious, can be fatal.

Rookie report has long been explained

In fact, this is not a new disease for Aldridge. As early as 2007 was selected by the Blazers, the medical report to explain his heart is different from ordinary people, a “short circuit” the possibility and risk. But then, Aldridge is still very young, his problem has never happened. Unlike now, has begun to affect the daily performance of Aldridge.

Spurs wins the Warriors are still embarrassing situation Arde injury disturbed wave handsome layout

Pioneer period, Adelaide has a heart attack

The Spurs’ medical team, after consulting the relevant experts, may “consider wearing a heartbeat detection device for Aldridge, and monitor his heartbeat at any time, and when the comprehensive information is collected, the next step will be decided.” ”

And before that, the Spurs can do only one thing: wait. And if it is necessary to give this waiting to add a term, unfortunately, this period can only be “no period.”

If it is endless, etc., then the decision may be better to do some. Because if necessary, in the case of last resort, the Spurs can choose tragic “warrior broken wrist”, no longer wait. Can be no longer so more annoying. Because everything is uncertain, may wait for a long time, it may be short time. And when will Aldridge come back? Did he come back again? Is also unknown.

In this case, the embarrassing situation of the Spurs is self-evident.

Unfortunately, fortunately, the Spurs now have a buffer of time.

To know, now sad, not just the Spurs a team. And they have a competitive relationship between the team, have their own “hard to read the”. Aldridge was proclaimed on a regular basis, they beat the lineup is also a substitute lineup warriors. Which makes them from the west of the first throne, only half of the gap between the wins. This game, the Warriors also because the main injury (Durant), the team tired (continuous away) and choose all off the bench.

The advantage of the Spurs is that the situation is not a case of warriors. In fact, the Spurs have a competitive relationship between the East and West teams are suffering from injuries and exhaustion of the troubled in the regular season into the closing stage, have kept a low profile. In other words, even if Aldridge missed all the regular season games, the Spurs are still expected to get the first position in the West, which in the future playoffs, occupy more home advantage.

In the long run, in the playoffs, Aldridge’s “Uncertain Heart”, the damage to the Spurs, is almost a foregone conclusion. Because it is obviously disrupting Popovich’s playoff layout for the team.

In fact, before the heart of Aldrich’s problem, Popovich has been doing things, is to reshape the “post-Duncan era” of the new Spurs image. Its effect is good, it is amazing. Leonard is undoubtedly the latest core; Aldridge is the most stable second scorer; Parker and Manu Ginobili still in the shortest possible time to contribute the greatest value; Mills became the NBA’s most A good substitute point guard; and Danny Green and Simmons is the team’s most feature of the striker. This is why, even Bill Simmons such NBA veteran journalists can not help but feeling “now the Spurs, may be the last two decades the best spurs” reasons. If it is such a spurs, appear in the playoffs on the stage, then anyone may feel that they are the most champions of the team.

But from the current situation, this matter has become difficult to achieve. After all, the heart is the most delicate organ on the body of the human body. Once the damage occurs, the result is irreversible. And its complications, to the future of the Spurs, the impact may also be irreversible.

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